ID: toshi_coutryside

Price: ¥1000 / 1 hour

男性 / Male


Work Area


Possible Activities

車の運転 / Drive a car
走る / Run
表情や身振りを合わせる / Adjust facial expressions and behaviors
行為中の代金の建て替え / Repayment of the price during the act
力仕事 / Physical work
激しい運動 / Vigorous exercise
デート / Hang out
土地勘のある地域での道案内 / Directions in areas the actor know well
長距離を歩く / walk long way
長時間可能(半日程度)/ Long time work ( about half day)
アクターの知り合いへのアクセス / Access to the friends of the actor
衣服の指定 / Selection of the actor's clothes
規約の範囲内でアクターの身分証の使用 / Use an ID card of the actor (after consultation)
ユーザーがアクター自身になりすます(相談の上)/ User impersonate the actor (after consultation)
精神的なストレスの伴う行為(相談の上)/ Action with mental stress (after consultation)
肉体的なストレスの伴う行為(相談の上)/ Action with physical stress (after consultation)
危険な場所での行動(相談の上)/ Action in dangerous area (after consultation)

NG Activities

なし / Nothing



You can contact the actor from here. First confirm if the actor is available, and then request an existence agency service, giving the date, time, location, and details of the work.

An application to connect with the actor will be launched. Enter the actor ID (code) to start an existence agency service.