Uber Existence 登録

What is "Uber Existence"?

Uber Existence is a performance artwork by Shin Hanagata.


Uber Existence is a fictional service conducted by Hanagata. This performance is a project to imagine the world where an existence agent service, Uber Existence, and to live in the world. Hanagata implemented the system with the cooperation of an engineer Katsumi Furuta actually, and practice Uber Existence in this real world.

In recent years, people do everything online, shifting the main place of their lives to the digital world, including online communities, games, and VR, and the meaning of the body is fading. Also, It can be said that people are losing their free will by being controlled what they see unconsciously by the algorithms of Youtube and SNS. These trend are accelerated by COVID-19. Can you continue to be you in a world like this? And what will its existence live on when you are no longer you? Ahead of this trend, Hanagata imagine the situation of outsourcing the existence itself, and trying to think about this situation through the body manipulated by others.

Particepate the artwork

"25th Japan Media Arts Festival" Uber Existence "Remote Visiting Program" / "Labor Workshop"

We are currently planning to conduct "Uber Existence Remote Visiting Program" / "Uber Existence Labor Workshop" in the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival at Miraikan, the National Museum of Science. We will provide a service that allows users to visit the exhibition remotely, and at the same time, we will recruit a wide range of actors to perform "existence agency labor" by lending their bodies to the users and moving their bodies by something other than their own will. Those who engage in this work will be paid a fee. If you are interested in participating, please go to the recruitment page below.

Participate the Remote Visiting Program

Particepate the Labor Workshop

Registration of Actor Profile

You can display your profile as an actor on the top page by filling out the form from the link below. It can be an interesting experience to think about the conditions for actually renting out your body.

Register your actor profile

To cancel or modify your registration, please contact "uberexistence.official@gmail.com" .
*Please note that it will take time to reflect the info as it is updated manually by our staff.


Won 25th Japan Media Art Festival, Art Division, New Face Award

Won 27th ifva awards (Hong Kong) , Media Art Category, Finalist

Won CAF Award 2021, Teiya Iwabuchi Jury Prize

Showed Remote Visiting System as a performance in KUMA EXHIBITION 2021
This project actually operated as a system to accept remote visitors to the exhibition, which was held in an abandoned warehouse in Kiyosumi Shirakawa and was invitation-only due to the coronavirus, at "KUMA EXHITION 2021". This situation was exhibited as an actual functioning performance work.

Exhibited the Video: "The New Year Shrine Visit with Uber Existence" on "BECV.jp", online exhibition
BECV.jp (planned by Tomoya Ishibashi), an online exhibit that will last until the end of the wedding and funeral season, displayed documentation of UberEggisteen's first visit to Kanda Myojin on New Year's Eve, 2020, when the number of infected people will reach a record high.